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SYSTEX launches SBOX, the first and the only appliance available today specifically designed and built for Splunk Enterprise platform. SBOX is the first self-developed product certificated by Splunk and the spear head to SYSTEX's international presence in the global big data market.
SYSTEX Software & Services, a subsidiary of SYSTEX Group, has officially become an authorized reseller of Microsoft Surface and introduced the Windows Tablet Solution to enterprises, facilitating the expansion of tablet market in Taiwan.
Etu received “Big Data Excellent Award” in China, the 6th award since Etu has launched, realizing the value of multi-structured data to business intelligence.
Etu announced the first “Hadoop Hands-on Training Series” in Taiwan, cultivating Big Data talents for various positions in enterprises.
SYSTEX signed the industrial-academic collaboration agreement with Nation Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), setting up the financial demonstration classroom and nurturing talents with specialty of information technology and finance management.
SYSTEX cooperates with Swish, a mPOS supplier in H.K., and launches the mPOS Solution, which integrated with magnetic stripe and chip card. The mPOS solution will enable small and medium-sized retail stores as well as banks to capture the preemptive opportunity of mobile payment.
Brand owner Etu becomes the first Asian company to be Cloudera’s IHV global partner and will be leading Asian companies to develop Big Data innovative applications on Hadoop platform.
Syspower Corporation, a member of SYSTEX Group, signed distribution agreement with Yonyou Software, China's largest management software company, to grasp the business opportunities for Taiwan’s financial companies deploying in Mainland China.
Launched Taiwan's first “integrated solutions for bank mobile payment services” and provided full-aspect mobile payment services.
Self-owned brand Etu receiving the award from Chinese media as “2012 Annual Big Data Innovative Enterprise” is the only award-winning Asian original Big Data solution provider.
SYSTEX UCOM IT Training Center became the exclusive sales agent for EC-Council information security certification courses and introduced simultaneously with the world a full range of information security courses.


Won the excellent award for “Certification Mark for Corporate Employment of Disables” by Department of Labor, Taipei City Government, as the only award-winning IT company.
Self-owned Etu™ Appliance was awarded “Technology Innovation Award” in 2012 TAITRONICS and “Outstanding IT Application and Product Award” in 2012 Information Month, demonstrating product innovation and R&D strength.
Acquired Nexsys Corporation, deployed in mobile payment services market, and actively seized business opportunities in consumer applications services.
SYSTEX attends the Mobile Asia Expo for the first time, introduces the M Factory telecommunication operators smart solution to wide recognition.
SYSTEX launches Asia's first end-to-end Big Data solution, “Etu ™ Appliance.” Operating from bases in Taipei and Beijing to serve enterprises in the cross-strait tri-area region and achieving the ultimate goal of building the Etu brand into the leading manufacturer of Big Data solutions in Asia.
SYSTEX becomes agent of SAP products, the world's largest enterprise software applications and mobile solutions provider and obtains SAP “Managed Mobility Services” (MMS) certification.
SYSTEX becomes agent of MobileIron mobile application security solutions, expanding the information security product line and aiming at the corporate needs.
Leading the industry in obtaining Taiwan's first BS 10012 personal information management system standard authentication, displaying SYSTEX’s unmatched information security and quality management capabilities.


SYSTEX wins the “Benchmark Enterprise Award” and “Best Practice Competition Award” in the large enterprise group and information industry group, presented by the Project Management Institute Taiwan Chapter.
SYSTEX introduces Fijitsu cloud resource orchestrator software (ROR), the full PRIMERGY and ETERNUS series server and storage hardware products, becoming Fujitsu’s first authorized agent in Taiwan for enterprise IT products, and obtains exclusive licensing to develop a traditional Chinese custom made provisioning portal with the ROR.
SYSTEX receives VMware technical alliance partner Elite level qualifications, becoming the only information service company in Taiwan with both Elite and PSSA qualifications.
Passed Symantec certification for data leakage prevention, data protection, storage management, file archiving and electronic searching, and high accessibility.
In the May 2011 issue of Common Wealth Magazine, SYSTEX ranked number one in the software industry among the Taiwan Top 500 service company survey for the fifth consecutive year.
SYSTEX and leading IT search engine brand, Splunk, cooperate to establish world-class innovation center, integrating Taiwan's top software development talent to jointly develop and test world-class IT management software.
SYSTEX and major ATM equipment manufacturer, GRG Banking Equipment, Co., Ltd., form strategic alliance, SYSTEX host network communications products together with GRG ATMs will expand into the global market and SYSTEX will become the agent of GRG ATMs in Taiwan.
SYSTEX to become the agent of the full Parasoft series software testing tools, providing a complete software development and testing verification platform.


In the 2009 ICT Best Choice voting sponsored by Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry, SYSTEX ranked second in the "Green IT category - energy-saving machine room construction service” award, and ranked third in the “Information security category – wireless network security” award, for the information security brand, Airdefense, that SYSTEX exclusively distributes.
Signed "Professional Services Outsourcing Partnership” agreement with VMware to provide cloud services for enterprises in the cross-strait tri-area region.
Set up the SYSTEX Xiamen Haixi headquarters to provide Taiwan enterprises with real-time services.
SYSTEX and its subsidiary in China, SYSTEX China, Ltd., won the “Symantec Asia Pacific and Japan Regions Annual Best Partner” award, the "Symantec China Annual Best Storage Partner” award, and the “Symantec Taiwan Annual Best Partner" award, presented by Symantec.
In the 2010 Common Wealth Magazine special report, "Top 1000 companies ranking in the cross-strait tri-area region,” SYSTEX is the only company in Taiwan software industry to enter the ranking for three consecutive years, and the number one top 500 service company in the software industry for four consecutive years.
SYSTEX’s UCOM IT Training Center won the Greater China “Red Hat Best Education and Training Center” award, presented by the original Red Hat plant.
SYSTEX Ucom Information Technology won the 2010 “Microsoft China Best EA Contribution Award.”
The Business Software Division won the “Seventh Annual Microsoft Partner Hero Award.”
SYSTEX subsidiary, Beijing Syslon, and the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science (ICTCAS) jointly form the ICT-SYSTEX, introducing the new generation financial information platform, "Global Time Series" to the high-end financial information market in China.
Starting December 30, SYSTEX stock trading transferred from the Taiwan GreTai Securities Market (GTSM), to the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), buy/sell, from OTC to publicly listed, stock code 6214.


Launched “warrant product total solution” which is added on eMidst product to provide a complete and real time information updated platform of warrant product. It helps investors to have a better and faster understanding about the investment target.
Launched Taiwan’s first research report platform which covers research reports and database for figures prediction to assist investors and researchers to learn more about the market trend and related information.
Launched “SYSTEX DB Watch” product, Taiwan’s first non-intrusion database auditing and monitoring system. By capturing all information from network packets, it records complete user behaviors and database transactions with zero performance influence and zero system availability risk.
Partnered with Tripwire Corporation and led “Tripwire Enterprise Solutions” into Taiwan and China markets. The solution launches configuration assessment and change auditing into enterprise IT infrastructure for a better IT risk and auditing management.
The Project Management Institute – Taiwan Chapter presented the “Ranking fourth in the most number of PMP Project Management Professionals in Taiwan” award, becoming the only local enterprise in the information industry with the most number PMPs for consecutive years.
Invested in Forms Syntron Information Co., Ltd., China’s leader in financial information services.


Ranked 912 in the especially report of “ranking of the top 1000 listed companies across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan” published by Business Weekly on June 9, 2008. SYSTEX is the only one Taiwan company among 8 system integration companies listed in the ranking.
In the top 500 operations in the service industry, as published by the Common Wealth Magazine on May 7, 2008, SYSTEX Corporation ranked 93. In addition, SYSTEX has secured the number one spot in the software industry for two consecutive years and came in third in the top 50 Corporations with the fastest growth.
SYSTEX launched the MONEY LINK website ( and aim to be the financial and investment information portal website across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Data Management and Integration Service BU received BS25999 certification, which is the first Taiwan company to get the certification.
SYSTEX and Splunk, the IT Search company, sign a strategic partnership with major resource investment to serve growing demand for Splunk products in the Asian Market.
SASDIM (SYSTEX Advanced Software Development and Integration Methodology) was honored and got recognition by the 16th Industrial Technology Advancement Award ~ Process Innovation.
To be the recipient of “2008 National HRD InnoPrize”, SYSTEX was recognized and got the reputation in innovative human resource strategy and policy which matches with company culture and core competence.
SYSTEX was recognized by 9th Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award for its continuing efforts on service quality improving in information and technology service field.
SYSTEX and Splunk signed strategic partnership with major resource investment to serve growing demand for Splunk in the Asian market.


SYSTEX Corporation and Sysware Corporation officially merged into one company. The new company is called SYSTEX Corporation effective from on 1 January 2007.
Acquired Megatime Tech. Co. Ltd. to incorporate middle-high and console market products.
Acquired shares of Taiwan Electronic Data Processing Corp. to venture into the medical IT services industry.
Established a Software Development and Integration Center (SDIC) in Tianjin, China
Ranked No. 3 in IT Services Vendor category in Taiwan.(IDC)

Sysware got the exclusive right from Symantec in Taiwan area to offer information security solutions
Being awarded best customer satisfactory award and best sales award for year 2005 by Microsoft
Being recognized as the second largest software company for 2005 by Commonwealth Magazine
Sysware set up Oracle ERP team and cultivate the applied area of Oracle customers
Sysware, Systex To Merge Creating a Better, Bigger, More International Company
Acquired Megatime Tech. Co. Ltd. to incorporate middle-high and console market products
Acquired shares of Taiwan Electronic Data Processing Corp. to venture into the medical IT services industry
Established a Software Development and Integration Center (SDIC) in Tianjin, China
Ranked No. 3 in T Services Vendor category in Taiwan. (IDC)
Sysware set up Oracle ERP team and cultivate the applied area of Oracle customers.


Merged Ucom Information Technology, the leading IT education company in Taiwan , Sysware entered the IT education and professional certification market.
Sysware extended its financial information service business by the acquisition of ULSTEK corporation, the leading financial software vendor in Taiwan
Distribution of Radware product in Taiwan
The net sales of 2005 first half was NT 1,608 million. Earnings per share before tax was $2.24
Award 3rd. Microsoft Taiwan CPE Hero 1st
Signed contract with BMC
The exclusive distributor of Business Object Crystal Product for Taiwan
Signed contract with Acer eDC
Distribution of IPLocks Product in Taiwan
Announced the third quarter fincial statements, recorded net income of 250 million, and EPS of 3.19.


Released Taiwan's first convertible bonds evaluation system especially designed for cross-strait markets, CBPA, (Convertible Bond Pricing Analysis)
Host the 4th "iNFOSEC 2004 Conference and Exhibition" in APAC region, including Taiwan, HK, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Distribution of Softnext SPAM SQR product in Taiwan & China
The award of "BS 7799:PART 2:2002 Certificate for Sysware SOC " from BSi and alliance with Ernst & Young Management Consulting Inc. Taiwan for information security services
SYSWARE OCS launch new services "Oracle ERP System Admin Outsourcing Service"
Sysware has had three successive years of the award of "2004 MIS BEST CHOICE--Information Security Consulting Service"
2004 Annual Turnover: NT $1,7578 million


Initial Public Offering (IPO) Code:6214Initial Public Offering (IPO) Code:6214
Distributor of Nokia for all security appliance
Host the "INFOSEC 2003 Conference and Exhibition" in Taiwan , HK and China
Develop the first Interest Exchange Trading System "Income Winner" counting with NT Dollars
Executive the parking charging system in Taoyuan
The exclusive Distributor of Crossbeam for Blade Security Service Switch
The Value Added Distributor of F5 Networks for Traffic Management Appliance
Invited Mr. Troy Chung, who is famous for EAI and J2EE consulting in Singapore , to be President for Sysware's new department, "ToryTech International Consulting Business Group"
Sysware OCS has been succeed in Taiwan market for 3 years, now the same Web service model is copied to China market
Exclusive distribution of Road to the Future's financial Online-Trading system which is the number one market shares in Korea
Income Winner interest rate future version hit the market, two months before the Government Bond Future officially listed
Released Taiwan 's first internet payment system of parking charging in Taoyuan
The exclusive distributor of AirDefense for APAC
The award of "MIS BEST CHOICE--Information Security Consulting Service" from Industry Information Institute 2003
2003 Annual Turnover: NT $1,444.3 million


Year 2002 share holders' meeting
Kibuy introduced "Kibuy ADSL" to the broad-band market.
Announced MMS (Money Market System)
Announced "iDQ (Internet DynaQoute)" new version
Distribution of AVISO e-mail knowledge recovery and management system
Cooperated with WAEI in announcing the first virtual pet exclusively for Kibuy ADSL in Taiwan
Announced "Mobile Winner Financial Service" WAP/iMode/PHS version
Distribution of CA eTrust Intrusion Detection product
Announced the first " Mobile Banking Sales System" in Taiwan
Exclusive distribution of Protegrity database security products.
SOC had the honor to win the Check Point authorized MSP certificate
Nominated by CommonWealth Magazine for outstanding software corporation 2002
Hosted the first "Ultimate Hacking" professional info-security course with Foundstone in Taiwan
The award of "MIS BEST CHOICE--Information Security Outsourcing Vender" from Industry Information Institute 2003


Hosted the first "InfoSec Taipei" international information security seminar
Exclusively introduced Foundstone's FoundScan On Demand vulnerability assessment service
Opening of SOC ( Security Operating Center ), introduced MSS (Managed Security Service)
Merged iWIN, officially extended business into m-commerce market, providing enterprises e-commerce and m-commerce value added services
Exclusive distribution of NetIQ/WebTrends Management & Intelligence Solutions for IT Infrastructure & e-Business


Kimo spun-off from Sysware, incorporated Taiwan Kimo Ltd.
Distribution of iPlanet business server software
Distribution of Intrusion.Com's network security platform—SecureCom products
Signed OCS(Oracle Consulting Services) contract with Oracle Taiwan Ltd
Distribution of Quest Software database management software
Exclusive distribution of RealNetwork multimedia products
E-commerce site, Kibuy, officially launched
Sysware Kaohsiung office established
Yahoo group announced the acquisition of Kimo, the leading online navigational guide to the Web in Taiwan


Increased capital (Capital: NT $162.68million)
Distribution of Sun NetDynamic Application Server
Distribution of the leading network security software products, ISS
Distribution of Tornado Knowledge Retrieval System
Distribution of InterMail mail server product
Check Point authorized ATC established
DIncreased capital (Capital: NT $242.68 million)
Kimo online service signed contract with Hong Kong Telecom
1999 Annual Turnover: NT $376.2 million


Distribution of Check Point FireWall-1
Distribution of StoneBeat, Webtrend's Firewallsuite, WebSense
Increased capital (Capital: NT $83 million, Employee: 60)
Distribution of NetGravity, Veritas
1998 Annual Turnover: NT $233 million


Sysware founded (Capital: NT $30mil, Employee: 20), distribution of Netscape, Oracle, Sun and OpenFind products
Exclusive distribution of Trend’s Interscan
Hosted 'N'-Day Internet Application Exhibition with Novell
1997 Annual Turnover: NT$133 million